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Center for Ethics In Action

In Alliance with Men

Art Image: Roserock (detail), 1982, by Nancy Hemenway Barton

Programs: Past & Present

The CEIA Fellows Program is open to people who have demonstrated professional achievement and who seek an opportunity to deepen their understanding of issues relevant to our mission and values.  Potential Fellows need to submit a curriculum vitae and a letter of recommendation.  Fellows are chosen by a CEIA Fellowship Committee.  Directors of projects sponsored by CEIA and members of the CEIA Board may also hold fellowships. 

Projects include essays, visual productions, academic papers, blogs, fiction and creative non fiction works.

Terms of the fellowship:

  • Fellows receive a renewable two-year appointment.

  • Fellows agree to present their research or projects at the annual meeting.

  • Fellows may submit their research or projects for publication in CEIA’s E-Journal.

  • Fellows receive no funds directly from CEIA although CEIA can administer grants and award funds for Fellows.

2018 Zill

A Brief History of the UNE Art Gallery.

2017 Lightman, Hendrix, Zill

Preliminary development, Fellows program, redo of Website, creation E-Journal; Zill:The Life and Work of Nancy Hemenway Barton catalogue.

2017 Zill

"The Life and Work of Nancy Hemenway Barton" catalogue.

2016 Zill

Catalogue, "The Art of Mildred Burrage"

2016 Zill

"Life Lesson for Women’s Meaningful Leadership" paper at Somerville College, Oxford University, International Women’s Leadership Symposium.

2015, Zill

Catalogue, "The Paintings of John Calvin Stevens."

2014, Zill

Development of two interdisciplinary courses at UNE: 1) Cultural Competency, and 2) Self Care Pilot Program.

2013, Zill

Catalogue, Maine Women Pioneers III;

2012 Zill

Morocco to attend an International Women’s Forum of women leaders;

2012 Zill

"Upon Reflection" catalogue

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