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Center for Ethics In Action

In Alliance with Men

Art Image: Roserock (detail), 1982, by Nancy Hemenway Barton

Our Mission 

The Center for Ethics in Action (CEIA) was created in 1996 in order to promulgate a new ethical compass for our country and the world beyond, with women leaders in alliance with men setting the course.  All its endeavors are multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary, honoring the principle of life-long learning.  They include conferences, international exchanges, literary symposia, art exhibitions both international and domestic, papers, catalogues and other publications –all celebrating women’s leadership in many creative avenues – academia, business, public policy, the arts and humanities.  CEIA has recently expanded its scope of work to include a Fellows Program with public presentations and an on-line publication, an E-Journal.  This program seeks participants in a variety of disciplines working at the intersections of the arts, humanities and public policy, including where appropriate their historical roots.  CEIA encourages Fellows to seek funding from a number of sources.  The Center is a publicly supported, tax-exempt non-governmental organization located at the University of New England, Portland, Maine campus.

Our Vision 

Women leaders across all disciplines can help move our societies to a new code of conduct – one that nurtures our young, our communities, our governments, the least developed parts of our world, and our planet itself.  Women leaders envision a global society of race, gender and ethnic equality.

Help Sustain Us. 

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